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GeckoCap Monitors Usage Helping You Gain Control


Why does asthma matter?

Asthma is the most common chronic disease and one of the leading causes of hospitalization. Nearly ten million-- or one in seven-- kids are affected by asthma. Worrisome for the whole family, asthma is also a pressing public health issue, costing the U.S. over $56 billion annually.

Inhaled maintenance medication (corticosteroids) can effectively control asthma symptoms. However, non-adherence to treatment can result in unnecessary exacerbations, repeating symptoms and visits to the ER. 

50% of all asthma costs could be prevented if kids simply adhered to their prescription.


Our solution

We understand what you and your doctors need to effectively manage asthma. Along with our team of engineers, designers and medical advisors, we aim to disrupt antiquated health care treatment paradigms.  

We have developed mobile, digital, and smart tools that empower patients as well as their caregivers to better manage asthma medication; GeckoCap’s glowing reminder helps to build healthy habits and motivates patients to take control over the disease. 

With inhaler tracking, GeckoCap also makes managing asthma a collaborative effort, allowing patients and other stakeholders to monitor usage online on their phones, tablets or computers. 

GeckoCap helps manage a chronic illness and allows you to spend more time on what is really important to you. 


GeckoCap is a platform that smartly use the latest mobile technology, data analytics, social reinforcement, and gamification to improve asthma medication adherence

GeckoCap makes remembering to use your inhaler intuitive and fun -- even in the absence of symptoms. Our cap can be easily applied to any inhaler and glows on schedule as a reminder. Every use is recorded and transmitted to the cloud where the data can be further analyzed. Patients are encouraged to self-manage their asthma through goals and rewards that are geared toward their specific challenges. 

Parents for children with asthma gain peace of mind through a smart alerting and notification system on their mobile phones and caregivers can access discrete and longitudinal data. Geckocap is initially focused on addressing pediatric asthma but the platform can be applied to a broad range of diseases, medications, and behaviors.


How does the wireless solution work?

Our patent pending, ultra low-power technology allows us to make the GeckoCap affordable and convenient. There is no need to recharge, no cords, and no complicated setup. Our technology automatically and securely syncs with the cloud. 

The GeckoCap works everywhere; when you are away, the data are stored on the cap. This means an inhaler with a GeckoCap can stay in the backpack. Caps can sync everywhere, making GeckoCap an ideal solution even for kids who travel between multiple homes.


How can GeckoCap improve public health?

GeckoCap can improve public health research by allowing epidemiologists and researchers to monitor asthma burden. Data are aggregated to protect individual patient privacy, and can be analyzed to determine sources of exacerbation and disease patterns. With this knowledge, policymakers can better design interventions to maximize public health and societal benefits.