Simple Asthma Management
  by Gecko Health Innovations  


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Our Award Winning Solution Has Improved and is Now Called CareTRx  


We proudly present our new suite of products called CareTRx

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GeckoCap helps you to 
different inhalers, Play and get Reminders to encourage better use, and achieve Control


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An intuitive solution designed for all

GeckoCap is a small glowing smart sensor that can be easily added to most asthma inhalers. The small, streamlined and durable design is made for everyone. There are no batteries to replace, cables, or hassle. It is intuitive: the GeckoCap will glow when the next dose is due.


Monitor drug use and events and take the stress out of asthma management


Thanks to GeckoCap’s mobile technology, you can easily monitor medication usage. The notification system lets you know when each inhaler was used, and allows you to track triggers and symptoms. Data is securely stored on the cloud, meaning you can access the information anywhere, and share access with your caregiver.


Empower yourself and encourage healthy habits


GeckoCap empowers patients. With a unique incentive system, GeckoCap gets you involved in your and your family disease management. Parents can set reminders and get tips on the Gecko app to teach healthy habits and increase asthma awareness.


Use data to improve quality and coordination of asthma care


GeckoCap's data analytics tools help to identify negative changes to optimize disease management. This way, GeckoCap can not only help improve awareness, but also potentially reduce the overall cost of care.


Gamified environment is used to encourage children to be more compliant in their asthma care


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